If You Could Rewind, Your Time

4 years ago, I had no idea that my ambition was to become a writer or a journalist in fact. At the time, I was preparing for my English GCSE and was expected an A grade. I never considered myself as an English whizz despite my freakishly surprising and high grades for English. In fact, all I expected was a C or a B and tended to focus more on my other subjects.

Yet, something hit me. On of our practice exams, we had to compose an article arguing about anything. I had no experience in writing articles whatsoever. Somehow, I pull this A* (or A+) grade (that’s what my teacher marked it as – thank you Mr. David Benson!) article off:

As a secondary school student I end up usually either snoozing, stressed, annoyed or snoozing…again. Maybe it’s my way of saying “this school is awful” or as a ‘chav’ might put it, “it’s freakin’ crap” or whatever hip-but-nonsense word they use.

I’m at home on a Saturday evening revising for my ever-closer GCSE science exam, when my cheeky, annoying little brother of mine plays modern-Grease-like-musical High School Musical 2, much to my ears’ dismay. I hate it. I simply hate their corny pop hooks. From there it struck me: will the English school system perform better if it adapts itself to the American school system?

I hate the English school system, too. I seriously despise the new GCSE system – in particular the science GCSE; it is like trying to learn Stephen Hawking’s nerdy theorems in a matter of 48 hours.

The atmosphere. Friendly? No – a big-flash-billboard no. I’ve seen yobs and hoodlums in the area and in school – heck just this morning as I entered the Gates of Hell, a bunch of year 7s (unsurprisingly, their behaviour resulted me to just doing the “shake-yer-head-and-sigh routine) threw what apparently looked like a screw or nail-like explosive – I just couldn’t be bothered to ask them….

The American system (although I can’t be too sure) are the main source of the UK’s yob problem – New York street crime, repetitive yet annoying rappers rapping about, well, drugs, sex and ‘bling’ (the new ‘words’ are pointless).

My mother (ah, bless her) is relieved I avoided that route and continue to study. But if we adapted our system to the Americans, wouldn’t that mean that we just put ourselves in deep water?

The Iraq War – we followed and instead of receiving and and reaping praise, the UK gets bombarded with criticism for joining that idiotic (and possibly dyslexic…who knows?) George Bush and his campaign for peace in Iraq (Oil…).

High School Musical is just a cover up for the failure of the real things – just look at the timeline of the past two years/l shootings in schools in Chicago and other states – the scenery is just as crazy and mad as Osama Bin Laden (don’t let me get started on that man).

Wow. As a 14/15 year old, I can sure cause a lot of unease and controversy! Of course, this was a timed test and we had the option to create our own facts to demonstrate our abilities so no offense was intended. Thank goodness that my writing as evolved further!


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