Seeking Light

Expect the unexpected. When you are a Londener experiencing the same scenery for decades – or in my case, a decade and seven years -it can be strangely and naturally alienating. On Monday I went out with my friend and began our trek in the King’s Road, Chelsea. Her previous visit was her first time and as always, discovered something new: a pancake restaurant.

A repeat visit was played except this time, I opted for the sweet sensation of a giant pancake smothered in heavenly Nutella. Not bad for £5. She also ordered the Nutella. Considering that we are students, saving up cash was essential.

So much for the drinks then…

With lunched wrapped up, we decided to relax in the Duke of York Square. Cue random photography of the area and weird configuration of my hair. Amusing, it was. To her anyway.

Continuing to wander around Central London was rather tiring. Heading to towards Harrods is and was embarrassing,  in a sense that combined, we had less than £10. I for one was even more agitated after entering the designer section of Harrods. Cashmere scarves at £60+? No thanks!

In the end, we settled for the free and wide open spaces of Hyde Park. The both of us have been in this park so many times (on different occasions and people) that we might as well re-enact our past ventures. But no. A stunning scene stood before us

Hyde Park

Hyde Park Scenery

However, admiration led us astray with time and before we knew it, it was as dark as midnight. Stumbling across the darkness apart from the blinks of car lights was very agitating – bare in mind that this was only 5:30PM or 6PM.

Quite simply, we were lost. Lost as the the directors of Epic Movie.

I could have find my out quicker if there was daylight, although the only source of light available at the time was the moon, “13 stars,” as my friend counted them and her surprisingly good mobile phone light.

We did eventually reach the exit. Or so we thought.

The gates were locked. Cue a burst of insane laughter.


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