Music Review: “Winter” by U2

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Originally, U2 released a song called Winter in their DVD that accompanies their album No Line On the Horizon.  It sounded very rough but unlike anything on both No Line and the past two albums with it’s pounding string section that drives it for six minutes.

Several months later and we aptly hear it once again from the film Brothers (director Jim Sheridan), shorter, reworked and reformed. Gone is the hammering strings and in comes Edge’s chilling keys, harking back to the days of The Unforgettable Fire.

The theme is, unsurprisingly, war but not in the typical U2 sense. Bono doesn’t preach for peace and love but takes the boots of a soldier reflecting and in battle. The typical U2 swagger is gone but instead, we see and feel vulnerability which has been the key for No Line and possibly for upcoming follow-up Songs of Ascent.

Speaking of which, It seems Winter is indicating what Songs of Ascent will sound like: atmospheric, minimalist and meditative (for once, I’m actually believing Bono’s word).

Click here for the full version of the reworked Winter.


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  1. Anonymous

    Love this song. I saw “Brothers” a few days ago and fell in love with both the movie and song–although both are quite sad. I really hope U2 takes the oscar for this.

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