Cold Play

Nope, not the bed-wetting Martin and co. but the snow that will unfortunately bring London to a standstill. Oh who am I kidding; the snow will joyfully bring London to a standstill and it arrived at the right time for once! The early snow of this year arrived in February, where we had no use for it to be honest (coursework deadlines and all) and at that point, I had no idea what to do with it.

Snow ball fight? Snow wo/men? Snow angel? Most students up to the age of 18 were all snow virgins in London (lets be honest here). Now, we have a second helping and this time, we are prepared.

Here are a few activities you can take part in with the holy grail of winter weather:

Snow Ball Fight

Ok, it is usually the first thing one would do with snow but it does not get old. Pick up some idle snow from the floor or even better, snow from a car or windowsill, mould it into a sphere and launch at your victim. Build, throw, strike, laugh. Simple. Even better if there is a huge group of people and you can upgrade a fight into a full-scale war.

Boys and their toys eh?

Snow Sculpting

You can make any shape or figure with snow. In February I managed to construct a sort of…spire thing with a pointy bit sticking it that looked like a…branch but you get my point. Those artistically skilled and innovative can make brilliant visuals such as this:

For the uninformed, Space Invaders.

Of course, minus the drop like missiles but no-one is complaining.

Make Your Own Avalanche

Educational and destructive!

Snow Fort

As the saying goes, a man’s snow fort is his…something. It compliments snow wars really well, sheltering you from straight snow-ball assaults. If you aren’t in a war and not visually creative such as myself, building a block of snow and ice is the activity for you! Plus, you’ve got something to brag about.

But please, don’t over-do it. For anyone who has seen the episode of SpongeBob Squarepants where it snows, don’t build a gargantuan fort. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Hide and Seek

It is such a difficult game when there is snow. If you wear the correct colour clothing (presumably white clothes) and know the area well, you will be the king/queen of hide and seek.


My one problem is that you have to go indoors to IKEA, go inside a cupboard, come back outside from the shop and declare “Narnia!” Plus, the prospect of finding a talking, messianic, polar lion is beyond impossible. Leave it for your siblings or if your imagination hasn’t all but evapourated.

Chances of finding Aslan? 0%

Oh right, look for a centaur too. Although that has about the same odds as finding the above lion.


How many cars can you evade without being trampled on as you arrogantly walk on the middle of the road? Clearly, I’m a winner at this game since I haven’t been declared legally dead yet.

Colour Coding Snow

Guess what liquid has been in contact with snow! I’ll say no more.


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