The Magic Book

Yesterday, I purchased a book called The Book of Answers, which acts in a similar fashion as a magic eight ball except it has a greater amount of possible answers.

I quote the method on how to use this book:

  1. Hold the closed book in your hand/lap/table
  2. Take 10-15 seconds to concentrate on the question; the question should begin with “Is” or “Should.”
  3. Visualise and speak the question; place one palm down on the book’s cover and other stroking the edge of the pages.
  4. When you sense the time is right, simply open the book and you will have the answer.

Today, I kept this book in my bag in case I got bored or tired of revising in Notting Hill Gate’s Starbucks and sure enough, I experienced both. With a little help from my friend Hannah, we asked the important questions in life:

Should we [myself and Hannah] go to college tomorrow?

The book says:

  • Respect the rules

Will Hannah be pregnant before 20?

The book says:

  • Don’t waste your time

Should Nielsen wear a dress?

The book says:

  • Enjoy the experience

Will Hannah get an offer from St. Andrews (university)?

The book says:

  • Don’t be ridiculous

Is Nielsen attracted to men?

The book says:

  • Don’t be ridiculous

Was the man staring at me [Hannah] a perv?

The book says:

  • Make a list why not

Is Nielsen a big doo-doo head?

The book says:

  • You’ll need more info

Will Hannah get A*, A, A [in her A levels]?

The book says:

  • Yes

and our outmost favourite answer:

Is Starbucks 100% fair trade?

The book says:

  • It will create a stir


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2 responses to “The Magic Book

  1. Hi Munu 😀
    The book is brilliant at killing time and asking if I’m gay or not 😛

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