So lng eng lang, hell0 txt speak.

I distinctly remember a conversation with my friend Ronan (dude, you need some freedom) who randomly blurted out the term “lol.” That small outburst managed to make me recoil before questioning him “why an earth did you say that?

Thanks to the fast nature of society, the majority of people have begun to integrate text speak into everyday speech. Abbreviations here, elision there and quite frankly, phrases that are so over-used that they become obsolete such as ‘lol,’ ‘rofl’ or whatever crazy non-sensical word is out there.

It hurts my eyes and brain trying to decode text speak; here’s a joyful example:

iyt manz n yer lian da mandem n we da 1nze da r strong in numbers we are runnin all da endz ova u.k no 1 can stop us runnin tings n sascha wannab i make money lol dats y i hav a job so wat if im tall lmao n if u dnt understand at all gregg f** off battyman

Not a word. It is like trying to learn hybrid Japanese and Korean. Although I understand it is arguably faster to write in text speak (and yes, people do speak like they type – chavs mostly), it will bite back considering some people will be so used to text speak that it will inevitably make them fail written pieces (it almost happened to me several years ago while writing an essay. Sure taught me a lesson to avoid it).

Plenty of my friends do utilise text speak on a regular basis so I have to tolerate it. Although it has reached a point where English words are morphing into Ye Olde English, which my brain can’t bear to translate.

One can only imagine if a person with that kind of writing wrote a letter to the Queen. Ah the scandals and the fuss it would create.



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2 responses to “So lng eng lang, hell0 txt speak.

  1. sweetz

    I ave:),have the same problem,but I do often/very often use abbreviations when typing on my blog,I suppose its one of those things ‘we’ have to adadpt too.As long as you use the proper abreviations when needed etc…..,it does drive me nuts as well though….

  2. I don’t mind at times but if I see someone conjure up a sentence with all text speak (like the example I used), it makes me want to throw my laptop against a wall.

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