Summer To-Do List

Freedom. How I love the word. Especially when you’ve finished your last exam…..last week. Now summer is here and well, the word ‘boredom’ is certain to follow ‘freedom’. To prevent ‘boredom’ dethroning ‘freedom’, I’ve conjured a to-do list for the summer. Some petty, some normal and some outright preposterous.

For those on Facebook, you already know my list 😉

And this list will eventually get longer and more ridiculous because it is me (and me friend Hannah) composing this list…

Summer To-Do List

X: Completed.

/: Half completed

F: Fail.


[X] Make a summer ‘to-do’ list

[X] Pass exams (duh).

[F] Reclaim money from MPs by going to shops, picking up random bars of chocolate and say “I’m reclaiming my money”.

[X] Ice skating.

[F] Go to Abbey Road for some Beatles references!

[F] Take a journey on all London bus routes in numerical order before 30th September i.e. before our Oyster Cards expire.

[/] Pretend to be a London tourist; take a London bus tour.

[F] Watch Friends daily before it gets taken away from E4.

[X] Attend piano event: Play Me, I’m Yours before 10th July.

[F] Play Street Countdown/ Scrabble/ Chess.

[F] Head to the beach.

[X] Watch Toy Story 3.

[F] Retrieve boomerang from Kensington Gardens..and fulfill the unwritten law that boomerangs always return.

[X] Form a band. A terrible band.

[X] Actually use my Starbucks card.

[F] Go through the whole summer avoiding Westfield, Shepherd’s Bush & Hammersmith. Quite frankly, I’m sick of those places.

[/] Make Bohemian Rhapsody parody video with Miriam, Dina & Hannah.

[F] Break into that police box/ TARDIS in Earl’s Court before it materialises to the 19th century.

[X] Eat in Med Restaurant in High Street Kensington.

[F] Wake up at noon instead of waking up early in the morning….everyday.

[X] Break a limb…or bone.

[X] Play hide & seek in Hyde Park.

[X] Use website to predict age of death.

[X] Have a picnic with a proper picnic basket!

[/] Flight of the Conchords marathon.

[F] Not spend more than £30 a week.

[F] Jog with Hannah & Munu in the mornin’.

[F] Paris.

[/] See Michael McIntyre/ Bill Bailey/ Jimmy Car.

[/] Find a darn job.

[/] Get Dina to actually wake up early and get to a destination before 10AM.

[F] Eat in Corgi on Fulham Road.

[F] Eat in Made In Italy on the King’s Road.

[X] Watch OFFICIAL/ NON-PIRATED DVD in my house (not helping the stereotype is it?).

[X] Attend Filipino Festival. Yes, I am aware of my failure to act/ look etc etc as a Filipino person. This could help compensate for it…right?

[F] Water fight (with water guns?).

[X] Purchase a bike

[/] Photobombing Day in Notting Hill Gate. Yes, we are mean to tourists.

[/] Big Walk Day i.e. spend entire day walking around Central London.

[F] Hummingbird Bakery Day.

[F] Try and make a mess in my room….without cleaning it straight after I made the mess.

[F] Purchase chairs & take them to deck chair area in Kensington Gardens to annoy deck chair man.

[F] Gay bar (Hannah’s idea =_=).

[X] Watch television until the deaf/signing zone.

[F] Cycling in Battersea Park.

[/] Ignoring my birthday.

[X] Break a limb or bone

[F] Pedalo in Hyde Park.

[X] Find where the devil Munu lives.

[F] Punch that dude selling pirate DVDs every time I enter Notting Hill. Seriously, for all I know you could be selling me Police Academy 4 instead of the Hot Fuzz printed on the cover – which by the way, I have already on a legal DVD.

[X] Make sure my weight doesn’t exceed 9 stone.

[X] Dye hair red or, ahem, blonde.

[X] Er, Notting Hill….and some…sandwiches…bread…cakes etc.

[X] Notting Hill Carnival.

[/] Do a 30 second handstand.

[X] Make as many random videos as possible with Dina & Co.

[X] Purchase a MacBook

‘Til next time,


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