Top Twitter Accounts For Students: Part I

This is a two part series – check next week for more Twitter accounts to follow!

Yes I know, I know: the question ‘why bother with Twitter when we have Facebook (apart from the celeb aspect of it)?’ is still a popularly one. Well for starters, Twitter is a great tool to build personal relationships with – in particular, big brands, people and shops. You can follow anyone anywhere in the world (if they choose to keep their privacy settings on ‘Public’ that is) and communicate with them with a limit of 140 characters.

For newbie Twitterers, trying to figure out who to follow can be a tricky task. After a year in the realms of Twitter learning all the tricks (without much help mind you!), I managed to identify the accounts that can be useful us students. Think of it as a starter pack; this list provides a good starting point on who to follow. As you’ll probably read this, I’m not recommending celebrities (barring the one fictional celeb) because, lets face it, they’re really not going to help in say job prospects, for example.


Many of us will be heading to university soon and their Twitter page and website is a must-have in your  favourites/ bookmarks. Their website is constantly updated with a fantastic variety of jobs and work-experience specifically for students, as well as helpful (and cheeky!) blog posts about employment, useful web links and of course, how to beat boredom during the summer!


The joys of being unemployed and the sheer joy I feel when I see my wallet being just as hollow as  Justin  Bieber’s lyrics. Never fear, Young and Poor is here! Their tweets and website provide us with great free  things to do (in London – sorry to the folks out of the City!) as well as free food. Yes, free food.


Another London account (will get round to a more universal account next – promise!) – similar to  Young and Poor but this time, gathers all events from across London whether if you are as broke as I am or as rich as the people opposite my apartment (I live in Chelsea).


This guy pretty much inspired me to compile this list! A multi-media journalist hailing from Warwick and City University London and his tweets and blogs are as useful as my right hand. Nearly every  single student has at least one social networking website they’re a part of and he knows all the tricks of  the trade that can help you get out there, as demonstrated by his recent blog post. Oh, and he’s journalist. Being overtly bias with my selection here!


When all of life’s ridiculous cliches and phrases are too lackluster, the idiocy of the great Homer J(ay)  Simpson is the man to listen to. Just don’t try what he says at home….or outside…or life in general.

Hey, I’m tweeting from the bathtub. You’ll never guess what floats! Hint: It’s not my cellphone…


Er, his account name pretty much sums it up eh? Surprisingly, you can learn a lot from this particular father  instead of the one above him!

Til next time,



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