Summer List – the Result

Summer is over (arguably, summer ended on the 22nd September) and with that said, my Summer To-Do List will come to a close.

Created on the 7th June during the storm that was the exam period, lets see where I’ve ended up.

Initial stats:

  • The list began with 35 items before expanding to the final number of 56.
  • I’ve managed to cross off 22 items on the list.
  • I’ve managed to half-complete 8 items on the list.
  • ..and I’ve failed 26 items on the list.
  • There are 8 items on the list which are impossible for me to do. You can try and figure them out.

Key Items

Take a journey on all London bus routes in numerical order before 30th September i.e. before our Oyster Cards expire.


Ambitious as it sounds, I don’t think anyone wants to do that. Besides, I prefer walking/ running for 50 miles and I’m far too comfortable in Starbucks to move (at the time of writing).

Break a limb…or bone.


Mind you, the timing wasn’t great; I broke my foot just days before my A2 English exam. On the plus side….er, well, there isn’t really a plus side. All it did was brought out my anger.

Use website to predict age of death.


Simple but an amusing task. According to the website, I die in 2060s. What made it more amusing is the fact that my friend dies on September 11th and no sooner did he find out, he immediately played an aeroplane game on an iPad; he had to land as many planes as possible. Ironically, I caused more catastrophes than he did.

Not spend more than £30 a week.


Number #1, I live in London. Number #2, I live in Chelsea which is situated next to Central London. In other words, King’s Road is right on my doorstep. Number #3, I love coffee shops. Number #4, my birthday was during the summer. Number #5 I bought a Mac.

Break into that police box/ TARDIS in Earl’s Court before it materialises to the 19th century.


T.A.R.D.I.S.s aren’t real. [In Vicky Pollard voice] Get over it.

Wake up at noon instead of waking up early in the morning….everyday.


I wake up at 4AM every morning thanks to my holiday in the Philippines. Curse you body clock. 5AM or 5:30AM would have sufficed but no, I wake up at 4.

See Michael McIntyre/ Bill Bailey/ Jimmy Car or a comedy show.


Got free tickets to see an advanced screening of the BBC’s Impressions Show, ITV4/ FHM’s Stand-Up Hero and the holy grail, Live At the Apollo starring Stephen K Amos, Sean Lock, John Bishop and two others. I think it’s fair to say that this item wasn’t just completed, this was a pure 110% win.

Now lets bring on the winter list!

‘Til next time,


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