The Art of Live Television Recordings: Russell Howard’s Good News

Television screens suspended in the air play a clip of Filipinos laughing/ screaming/ banshee wailing as Russell Howard comments that the people in the Philippines are over-excited about the new series. I can safely confirm that no-one in the Philippines knows who Howard is.

Putting my feeble attempts to connect with my dead and buried Filipino roots aside, I was one of the lucky few to watch the recording of tonight’s series 3’s premiere of Russell Howard’s Good News. The one notable thing is that the show itself isn’t really all that different from the edited 30 minute version. Sure, there were a few technical hitches here and there (lights, producer telling Howard to repeat some lines) but like all shows (yes, even MTW), it is scripted.

But anyway, as I write this, George Osborne has repeated the word ‘billions’…billions of times and if he says ‘we are all in this together’ one more time I will eat that rotting egg in the fridge to knock myself out from his bumbling (how I’d love for Darling to have remained as Chancellor…just for the eyebrows, mind you).

I need laughs and Russell Howard delivers the jokes to fuel ’em; the usual sex joke during the intros (“we need to put some jizz into the economy” as said by a journalist but obviously edited out of context for comedic purposes), random surreal gags (budget university) and up-to-date quips such as “George Osborne looks as if he’s drinking breast milk”.

I won’t go into much detail because I’ll probably spoil it (and it isn’t much of a review because I’m sleepy, lazy and my internet is having a fit) but for the sake of it, watch it, BBC3, 10:30PM.

But I will say this: Matthew Osborn, one of two stand up comics performing on the show, is a legend:

I bought some wrinkle cream. Waste of money. I used it on my scrotum and it didn’t work.

‘Til next time


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One response to “The Art of Live Television Recordings: Russell Howard’s Good News

  1. Nathan

    Couldn’t agree more with what was said.

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