The Month In Review #3

The Month of November, the month where I GET KNOCKED DOWN, BUT I GET UP AGAIN, YOU NEVER GONNA KEEP ME DOWN etc ec. Don’t ask…yet. The third edition of the Month In Review and I’m struggling to keep myelf awake. Yay for the 4AM start (!) So sit back while I recount the idiocies of my life and significant news that has captured my lazy eye.

So in the month of November and well, basically, it’s the end of the world as we know it and right now I couldn’t give a crap because I’m coughing like there’s no tomorrow…so to speak. Cue my excessive and cheesy use of apocalyptic and, ahem, ‘explosive’ terminology.


#1 [With hand gestures] Zoom, zoom, boom! I am employed!

I have to admit, my job hunting efforts…stalled after August. So between September until now, I’ve just been a tad lazy when it comes to finding a job. Then out of the blue, social networking websites came to my aid again: on Facebook, my friend posted a vacant position at Robert Dyas and I received an e-mail regarding a job distributing a new student magazine.I responded to both of them and the following day, everything fell into place and found myself in the lucky few known as the employed.

Suck it recession.


#2 “Ka-boom”, said the wife and court.

Unfortunately, the Courts failed to see the funny side.


Paul Chambers and Jason Manford must be feeling absolutely gutted. The former has been convicted for posting a Tweet saying that he’ll ”blow[ing] the [Robin Hood] airport sky high!” and Jason Manford was being digitally unfaithful with a stranger which resulted in his resignation from BBC1’s The One Show.

In response to the recent Twitteroversies, I plan to contact Al Qaeda and tell them I’ll join them to help obliterate the Pennines, the Lake District and Tower Bridge if I’m up for it. <— May be a joke.


#3 Not-really-a-ke-ka-pow-mushroom-cloud-muffled-explosion-but-an-explosion-powerful-enough-to-collapse-another-mine

A mine in Chile

Very recent news that another group of miners are trapped down a mine, this time in New Zealand. Prayers for those who are caught in the chaos because reading from reports, methane and carbon monoxide gas is currently residing down the mine which can kill. One thing is certain though; Hollywood is gonna be getting rights to this tragedy for a movie too….


#4 And I say hey (hey!), I’m no Superman…on fire

Smacks the hell out of modern Disney 100 times over.

Side-stepping briefly from the TNTs, I’ve been indulging myself in surreal comedy-drama Scrubs and everbody’s favourite aardvark (who knew?) Arthur. Yeah, my gap year is really that boring.


#5 [Cue the Kaiser Chiefs] I ConDem the riot! I ConDem the riot! (Unless you force me to pay £9000)

30 Millbank, Conservative HQ.


Demo 2010. Graffiti summarises my thoughts in a nutshell. Well spray painted.


#6 War. What is it good for? An excuse for nuclear testing

Not looking good for the people of both Korean Republics. I hate to even say it but it was inevitable that they were gonna draw blood especially when N.K. was testing nuclear weapons underground. World War III on the horizon?

‘Til next time,


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