Jordan Planning ITV Revival of Blind Date

If you’ve been catching up on the latest news this month then you’ll be aware that there isn’t much to mock about for Writer’s Mock. “Biblical flooding” in Queensland in Australia and Brazil, murderers on the loose after committing atrocities on Christmas Eve/ Day and maniac gunmen firing at innocent people’s brains. Oh yeah, everything just got a tad more expensive thanks to the VAT rise…as well as the £30 increase in rent. The only consolation I’ve got so far this month is that Katie Price AKA Jordan has set her eyes on divorcing…again. YES, I COUNT THAT AS A VICTORY AGAINST NEGATIVE NEWS. HUZZAH!

Following the phenomenal success of her show Katie & Peter, Katie Price AKA Jordon has been asked by ITV to revive and host former Saturday night favourite Blind Date. The show was a huge hit in the 90s, where one miserable but somewhat attractive singleton interrogates three other miserable but somewhat attractive looking singletons to see if he or she is satisfactory enough for the first miserable singleton, which is then succeeded with their first date somewhere exotic like Newport.

Probably the cleanest image of her I can find

“I’m really looking forward to helping people find love and, fingers crossed, they’ll have that big wedding ceremony they’ve (ie the girl.) always wanted. You only get married once,” beamed Price.

It is expected to return to our screens in between the Cowell season breaks (for the misinformed, the period between Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor vice versa) at 11PM on a Monday before it’ll say ta-ra to make way for X Factor et al…for now.

As far as Jordan’s love life is concerned, she has happily described her marriage with Alex Reid as “petrifying” and saying her honeymoon is “the best one I’ve had….so far.”

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3 responses to “Jordan Planning ITV Revival of Blind Date

  1. Nathan

    Haha!! Well played, and so true!

  2. Haha!! Well played, and so true!

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