Month In Review #7

At the time of writing, I didn’t actually realise that we were at the tail end of April. Return of friends from university sort of distracted me from writing and my focus shifted to other things; ‘insane’ cycling from one end of London to the other; watering the plants for my friend’s garden (slave labour) as well as watching strange Arabic cartoons; boarded on an unimpressive ferris wheel in Westminster for the third time; and waving my Union Jack frantically as a cavalcade decided to escort Royalty in the heart of London in the boiling heat.

Oh, I pretty much explained the month of April there didn’t I? Bugger.

#1 So who brought summer a few months forward?

Basking in the sunshine for the third week in a row is a rarity in the UK. Chucked out my boots, black jeans, coat and wielded my shorts, sunglasses, converses…and possibly an umbrella…because we’re in the UK.

#2 Glenn Beck fired by Faux Fox. It’s a conspiracy man


#3 #Donaldtrumpisabellend

From idiot to another, Donald Trump, host of US The Apprentice, tried and spectacularly failed to discredit Barack Obama by trying to disprove that he was born in the USA. And thanks to the power of social media, we have that brilliant hashtag trending on Twitter worldwide. Why? Because #Donaldtrumpisabellend or unashamedly racist or both.

#4 [Explicit footage] One of those things that brings you back to Earth

The video itself demonstrates the sheer amount of atrocities going in Syria.

#5 RIP Elisabeth Sladen

Awesome show, awesome companion, awesome actress. A purely enthusiastic and energetic person who helped Doctor Who give off that brilliant spark.

#6 Sequel to William and Katie The Movie: Prince Harry and the Half-Bald Prince

Can’t decide between watching Deathly Hallows Part 2 and this now…..

Tweets of the Month

1. We sure know how to milk the Royal Wedding cow ’til it’s dry, huh?

2. Hardcore Dick & Dom

3. Religion makes me chuckle sometimes.

4. It’s like watching wave upon wave of tsunamis on a belly once they get moving.

5. Severus Snape’s job in the muggle world is….strange at best.

‘Til next time,


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