HOW TO: Deal with Monday with Youtube

Start the day with this annoying/ cheesy/ infectious song:

At this point, you’ll probably feel a lot of rage. So why not brew yourself a cup of tea.


After failing to mimic that man’s strange way of making tea, you notice you’ve left a puddle of burning tea on the floor. Bring out your mop.

So you’ve cleaned up the mess. Now you need to shower. Just don’t slip an – oh.

After hurting your Jacobs (and our eyes), you get dressed and get into your car or public transport. Fortunately, the Tube is strangely quiet and you decide to play a game.

So you’ve balls that up and forced to get on another train. It’s alright, it’s probab – oh. Again.

Stuck in a train for an hour due to a failed signal, you arrive at work sweaty and exhausted. You rush into the board meeting to deliver your pitch to your boss.

Rejected and dejected, you head home at rush hour. DAMMIT.

You arrive at the front of your door, incredibly exhausted and the concept of key and door knob leaves you and instead, you ram the door and yourself to sleep.

‘Til next time,


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