Local news hangover

All news were originally posted on kingsroad.co.uk, nottinghillgate.co.uk and fulhamroad.co.uk unless stated.

Morning all and hope you’re all having a sleepy start to the weekend if you’re a night owl or an energetic one if you’re an early bird. As the title suggests, I’ll be rounding up all the local news that you’ve seen streaming through the site in bite-sized chunks.

Closer to home






H&F Council to sell buildings to repay debts

In a bid to reduce Hammersmith & Fulham’s £133 million debt, the Council has decided to sell Fulham Town Hall and  Sands End Community Centre. The Council sees no reason to have 2 town halls in the  borough – the other Town Hall is on King Street, Hammersmith –  and the Community Centre hasn’t been attracting that many locals.

Get on your bike

Plenty of cycling news to go around during the past week. Mayor of London Boris Johnson has announced that Hammersmith and Fulham will be one of the few London borough’s to get their hands on his blue bikes.

Later this month, elite cyclists will pass through Fulham and Chelsea in the London-Surrey cycle classic. Expect road closures if you’re travelling on the 14 August otherwise, get your cameras at the ready.

RBKC’s cycling initiative, Bikeminded, has loaned a range of cool bikes to locals or ‘Bike Heroes’ for them to get around Kensington and Chelsea (links to kingsroadrocks.com) .


At the Hill





It’s nearly time for Carnival!

It’s August meaning the Notting Hill Carnival is just around the corner. Of course, that does mean a crackdown on idiots/ nobodies/ mobs/ anarchists (take your pick) and Operation Razorback is in full swing and has already arrested more than a hundred people. There are also concerns for the identity of the Carnival as its organisers may commercialise it in order to fill the funding gap. I don’t like the idea of the Carnival being sponsored by McDonalds or Sainsbury’s.

Pedal-power-big screen

Oh yes, more bike-themed news. As part of RBKC’s weird and wonderful inTRANSIT festival, a stop-animation film was show for free but with a catch: visitors had to hook up their bikes to generators and power the big screen.

My former English teacher amusingly said:”I can’t believe they think that sounds like an appealing idea. Don’t people like to relax when they watch films?”

Hence why I described inTRANSIT as ‘weird and wonderful’.


Chelsea made, Chelsea style







Speaking of Chelsea made….

Oh yes, the daughter of Sir Philip Green, Chloe Green, joins the cast of E4’s reality TV show Made In Chelsea. If you can’t wait to see what she’ll be doing in series 2, they’re currently filming in Chelsea at the moment. You more or less have to play the spot-the-camera-crew game.



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