Summary of London riots in Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea

Last update: 18:10PM 10 August

Main Summary

Mayhem across the city of London, as mindless knobs decided to purge the city to the ground by setting cars, buses, local businesses and homes on fire on the third day of rioting.

After the devastation in Tottenham and other parts of North London, the violence headed south-bound, with riots in Brixton, Lewisham, Hackney, Croydon and Clapham.

BBC footage showed hoodlums – the BBC strangely called them ‘protesters’ – smashing and setting cars and buses alight, throwing projectiles at police and looting shops and vehicles.

Shops and local businesses were attacked, set alight and ransacked including a Curry’s in Clapham Junction (check video below).

Ealing Broadway also suffered, with tweets describing houses being targeted and being broken into.

Here’s a map of noted riots – some recently documented.

Local Updates

As far as Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington and Chelsea are concerned, a few incidents noted by Twitter users, Fulham and Hammersmith Chronicle and Kensington and Chelsea Chronicle:

  • Yesterday morning,  pictures emerged of a shop smashed on the King’s Road near the Fulham end in Chelsea.
  • Trouble on North End Road, Clem Atlee Estate – where I used to live before it went a bit dodgy – and Fulham Broadway. A small fire seen.
  • A bike thrown under bus a on Wandsworth Bridge Road.
  • Machete wielding chavs descended onto Notting Hill; top restaurant The Ledbury was attacked with rioters stealing from diners. However, the staff defended the restaurant and customers with knifes.
  • Nearby Queensway and Baywater also under riots – petrol bombs apparently went off described by nearby resident but unconfirmed.
  • Portobello Road partly closed – no sign or reports of attacks
  • A tweet from Fulham: “Wtf [what the f***], girls & their taxi driver attacked & robbed outside my door,a car window smashed,front doors kicked in. IN FULHAM?!? #riots”
Tuesday 9 August updates:
  • Pic of King’s Road’s Hugo Boss smashed in.
  • PM David Cameron to make a speech at 10:30AM.
  • #riotclean up in Notting Hill. Locals and businesses clearing up the mess in the local area.
  • King’s Mall in Hammersmith is open – not affected by the riots.
  • Westfield shopping centre safe despite last night’s report.
  • Fulham Chronicle page updated – saying nine arrests have been made.
  • RBKC_Markets tweeted that shops are preparing like it’s the Carnival weekend.
  • Blackberry messages hinting that Acton, Northolt, Southall, Hayes, West Drayton, Hammersmith will all be targeted tonight.
  • Kensington and Chelsea Chronicle article detailing how and when Notting Hill incidents happened.
  • Blackberry Messenger (BBM) may be shut down by police request.
  • I’ve been told by my friend Jean-Paul Ramotar that police are urging people who live in Shepherd’s Bush to get home before 5 or 6; W12 barricaded – he’s checking police situation. Shepherd’s Bush Green a possible meeting/ place target.
  • Friend in Shepherd’s Bush say W12, the mall opposite Westfield, is closed.
  • A shops on King’s Road and Fulham Road closing – @kingsroadrocks tweeting shops names.
  • Latest in Shepherd’s Bush: 2 entrances in Westfield closed off; bus station part locked off and trains station too; 2 people arrested suspicion of rioting; patrol cars around White City and BBC.
  • Fulham shops boarded up and Fulham Broadway station closed.
  • Met Police say 563 arrested, 105 charged.
  • Press release from H&F re riots.
  • Quiet on the streets so far – nothing to worry about for now.
  • H&F’s Twitter feed thankfully tweeting calm across the borough.
Updates finished for tonight. Stay safe folks. Will continue tomorrow but highly likely to be a more quieter affair.
Wednesday 10 August updates
Videos and Snippets
  1. Video of Clapham Junction being looted.
  2. Disgusting video of criminals stealing from an injured person
  3. Amazing video of woman making a powerful speech in the midst of the mayhem and risking her well-being.
  4. One of the few Facebook pages about the riots – tickled me greatly.
  5. Planking in Manchester. As you do.
  6. Hilarious Tumblr site where looters’ good are photoshopped!
  7. London streets strike back: lamppost thwacks convicted looter!
David Cameron just gave his speech (11:05AM). Here’s a few snippets:
“We will do everything necessary to restore order on Britain’s streets.”This is criminality pure and simple””450 people arrested with more arrests to come. Justice will be done. People will see the consequences for their actions.”
A little bit of comic relief for you:
On the 3rd day of riots, my true love gave to me: 3 Nike trainers, 2 Greggs Sandwiches and a Samsung HD TV
Yesterday morning (Monday 8 August), the cancellation of the Notting Hill Carnival was considered. After last night’s looting, it looks certain to be cancelled or part cancelled.
The clean-up of the riots are happening right now:
Camden 11am, Chalk farm 10am, Roman Rd Hackney 9am, Clapham 9am, Peckham 10am, Westbourne Grove 9am.
Will try and update but I may head over to Notting Hill for clean-up.

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