Brewing up some community spirit in Notting Hill

Originally seen on – posted on 13 August.

See, not all young people/adults are anti-social, looting thugs. There are actually a lot of nice people out there willing to get stuck in with the community and hand out free cake and tea to everyone.

Very British indeed!

Here’s an excerpt:



We didn’t know how many people would turn up, but if Operation Cup of Tea managed to attract a throng of locals, senior councillors, an MP and a legendary music producer, then we can safely say that community spirit in Notting Hill is alive and well.

For additional bragging rights, I was shocked to see Brian Eno standing next to me and requesting tea and biscuits. Of course, I served the ambient pioneer and U2 and Coldplay producer. Although, in my shock and sort of not knowing what to ask/ say, I asked him to kick Bono’s backside and demand to release new album Songs of Ascent.

“I’ll call Bono and tell him to hurry the f*** up!”

I really should have said thanks for Achtung Baby or Low but maybe next time!

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