Sofa Sunday

This space on a Sunday will probably be reserved for more personal stuff and for my friends who want to have crack at blogging. Think of it as an experimental Sunday supplement of…experiments.

Cycling to a semi-ghost town

I don’t normally ditch my early Sunday morning journey to Notting Hill but the London-Surrey Cycling Classic, a race in preparation for the London 2012 Olympics, was going through Fulham and Chelsea, meaning that me and a lot of other residents were sort of forced to remain in the borough(s) for the day. Cycling to get to Notting Hill or even to the race would have been a good idea if I wasn’t a little light headed.

As a cycle geek, I wanted to get a good spot to catch the action so I left my house at around 8:45 and got to Fulham Road at around 8:55 ish. Surprise, surprise, the area was practically empty – it’s a Sunday!

A few moments later, the cyclists were in view at around 9:05. I got my camera ready and began to record and in no time at all, they swarmed past my spot.

Then like a small puff of smoke, they were gone.  It took them just over ten seconds for the cyclists to leave my view.

All this for ten seconds? No wonder why I left feeling amused and bemused.

Film review: Attack the Block

Written by Seyi Odusanya. He is studying Film Studies at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. He’ll be posting some of his film stuff on here on a regular basis. In this piece, he takes a look at British film Attack the Block and gives it a positive review.

Howdy folks, I’ve got the pleasure of telling you all about this lovely film that surprised, scared and amazed me in equal measure: Attack The Block is about a gang of London youths who must defend their homes from an alien invasion. If that doesn’t intrigue you, well then you’re no fun. Joking! You’re cool in my book. But seriously, this film is a mix of the Goonies, The Warriors and E.T.; that is if the Goonies where hoodies and E.T. wanted to eat your face.

The film (written and directed by Joe Cornish & produced by Edgar Wright) starts off with the gang, comprised of Moses (John Boyega) leader of the gang, Pest (Alex Esmail), Jerome (Leeon James), Dennis (Franz Drameh) and Biggs (Simon Howard) mugging a young nurse named Sam (Jodie Whittaker) on her way home.

During the ordeal, something falls from the sky and crashes onto a nearby car, the boys investigate the disturbance and find a ferocious looking alien inside, a scuffle ensues and the alien flees into the night. Now where any normal person would either run off home like Sam does, or call the police to report what’s happened, these boys chase after the alien, kill it, and return to their block with a new trophy to celebrate. Huzzah! However, before the boys can call it a night, more objects carrying bigger, deadlier aliens start to descend, and before they know it, our anti-heroes have an alien invasion to contend with.

Now I have to say the characters are the film’s biggest strength, but unfortunately also its greatest hindrance. I’m not going to lie, at the start of this film the kids are scum, shamelessly mugging a helpless Sam and showing no remorse whatsoever. But as the film develops, you begin to realise that there’s more to them than meets the eye – they aren’t exactly the scum we thought they were, and as they come to realise the true gravity and danger of the situation they’re in, they develop into characters I actually came to care about.

There are other characters for the audience to enjoy: Jodie Whittaker gives a great performance as Sam; the nurse who must join forces with the gang; even becoming almost like a surrogate mother to them. Nick Frost joins the fray as laid back drug dealer Ron providing some comic relief along with Brewis (Luke Treadway), a client who gets caught up in the whole mess. Also be keep an eye out for the characters Probs and Mayhem; two little boys who idolise Mosses and the gang, whom also get into some trouble of their own.

All in all Attack the Block went above and beyond for me, delivering thrills, action, comedy and some genuine terror and providing a unique film going experience that I’ve not had in a while.

VERDICT: In my book, best film of the year so far. BELIEVE IT!


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