5 Things I’ll Be Doing At the Notting Hill Carnival

In just a few hours, people will be coming down singing, eating, urinating on the streets or locals boarding up and defending their own properties – yes, it is the Notting Hill Carnival!

So to recognise the occasion and a tribute to a post I wrote last year, here’s a taster of what I’ll be doing at the Carnival.

1| More time looking for a place to sit down, less time to watch floats go by

I’ve been to a handful of Notting Hill Carnivals; I think since I was around 11 or 12 years old and believe me, it’s like trying to walk down from one end of Portobello Road to the other on a Saturday but 3000 times worse. With the huge crowds, I’m pretty sure all the good spots will have taken up by early and eager revellers, leaving me to scurry around looking for other potential spots before settling on piss-stained wall.

2 | Taking my own food because let’s face it, the food stalls are going to be expensive

I’m a student and I’m an unpaid intern who uses a bike to get around London. Yeah, I’m not spending £5 on burger that has been clumsily put together like a toddler trying to fit two puzzle pieces that aren’t just meant to be.

3 | Mumbling instead of dancing

I’m 110% sure that I’ll somehow find myself stuck in the crowds who’ll be dancing their faces off near the sound systems. And the only to get out of the crowd is to dance.

I. Don’t. Dance.

Therefore, I’ll be more or less stuck.

4 | Photobombing tourists who seem to think it’s perfectly normal to randomly stop every 5 seconds to take a bloody photo

This more like a general thing for me but if there are lost tourists at Carnival, I have no choice but to invade your photos to teach you a lesson: check the London calendar or map before wandering West London. I encourage you to come the week after…where’ll be waiting to photobomb you anyway.

Yes, I’m not a fan of tourists blocking my way.

5 |Being a tad worried if a police(wo)man decides to join the partay

As always, have fun and stay safe!


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