Being Bikeminded

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I’ve only had this bike for one week and I’ve already named my green and white Brompton, Dorothy, meaning if I had the cash to splash £500 or so, I would keep it in an instant!

Instant attachment aside, my bike has already managed to cross many parts of town: from the challenging – and painful – hills of Richmond Park to my local coffee shops…and more hills in Notting Hill.

Sky Ride London, 4 September 

But my most interesting and exciting journey was last Sunday’s Sky Ride, a cycling event where Central London’s streets were closed to all vehicles to make way for the cyclist masses. My friend, Robbin, joined me on the event and he admitted to not cycling much let alone cycling to an event as big and challenging as this.

We set off early in the morning – a crazy idea for Robbin since he usually sleeps at the brink of dawn – and began to cycle the route, meeting eccentric cyclists such as this guy (apologies for the weird dimensions):

Looking at the skies, we were both disappointed with the lack of rain which was repeatedly forecasted. Then in typical British style, the rain came like a water cannon and managed to fog up both of our specs before arriving home looking like the aftermath of a washing machine cycle.

Intelligence Squared Cycling Festival, 8 September

I joined Kathryn, who was on her bulky but bright Electra, to the Cycling Festival at the Royal Geographical Society in Kensington. The event featured 5 speakers presenting their finds and observations on the joys of cycling. I would like to point out that there was no space to lock nearly 100 bikes and it felt particularly muggy in the conference hall.

Will Self, one of the speakers, was particularly engaging and wrapped up the festival by describing himself as the ‘every-man’s cyclist’ and commented that Brooks saddles are an erotic pleasure. Nice to know my Brooks saddle on my bike is comfortable in more ways than one.

Here’s Will Self’s presentation:

Then of course the fun part was cycling in the dark. I would have taken a picture/ video but I didn’t want to meet my maker at that particular point.

See you on the road!


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Bikeminded is a 3 year cycling initiative that is raising awareness about the benefits of cycling and encourage more people to swap four wheels for two. Follow the hashtag, #bikeminded, to follow the campaign and other Bike Heroes.


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