Being Bikeminded

You can follow my day to day cycling activities on my bike blog,

A very short update this week since I’ve just started uni and all. You could say travelling there by bike cycle would be a good idea but really? Really?!


Yeah, not doing that. Unless someone payed me £100,000 to do that for a year which I’ll use to pay off my debt and go on a long arse holiday.

But anyway, the real reason why I won’t post more because I’m sorting out a short video for Bikeminded which I won’t reveal until it’s done. Let’s just say that involves a lot of sugar. Lots and lots of sugar.

Like always, you can follow all my cycling shenanigans on Tumblr, beingbikeminded.


For my previous entry, click here

Bikeminded is a 3 year cycling initiative that is raising awareness about the benefits of cycling and encourage more people to swap four wheels for two. Follow the hashtag, #bikeminded, to follow the campaign and other Bike Heroes.


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