Being Bikeminded

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I didn’t have the best of weeks: caught man-flu, missed my friends and still feeling…meh with university. Cycling, however, always provides me with a burst of short term sanity and stability (thank you endorphins). Like how some people who own cars just go out for a drive, I used some of my free time just to cycle Chelsea town.

And I’m glad I did, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to capture moments like this:



On Wednesday, I was still feeling groggy and I was invited to attend the Bike Heroes party at the Kensington Hotel’s Aubrey restaurant. As you know – or not – Bike Heroes are locals who have been given a Brompton, Moulton or Electra for 2 months to cycle RBKC and beyond and the party marks the end of it. I was the first one there – I cycled there, of course – and had the Moulton martini.

Now if you do have a burning throat, a hoarse cough and stuffy nose, paracetamol or cough syrup would be the more appropriate thing to take. But no, I decided to have 11 Moulton martinis and a few glasses of Berries On Brompton (ingredients include Plymouth gin and fresh rasberries and blackberries). Would I recommend doing that if you need to cycle home afterwards? No. If you’re ill? Yes.

A hundred times yes.

Oh yeeh, a huge thank you to the folks at The Aubrey – top notch service as always! And great meeting other Bike Heroes and bike enthusiasts too.



Yeah, I think after about 15+ miles of cycling and hiking up the hills of Richmond Park, that was a pretty silly thing to ask. But hey, it’s me.

I fully understand why a lot of cyclists go up to Richmond: the terrain varies and the ground is never level for too long. It is also not a place for folding bikes, even with the Brompton.

And, of course, if your friend hasn’t cycled in a while, a 20+ mile cycle is inadvisable. Ho hum. Still, great views:

Like always, you can follow all my cycling shenanigans on Tumblr, beingbikeminded.


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Bikeminded is a 3 year cycling initiative that is raising awareness about the benefits of cycling and encourage more people to swap four wheels for two. Follow the hashtag, #bikeminded, to follow the campaign and other Bike Heroes.



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