Being Bikeminded

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First week back with Murray and I’ve got to say, I did miss that rattling, single geared….blue – who am I kidding? It’s not the same as the Brompton!

At least the bike is still rideable and can get me from A to B in Chelsea town but is still in need of some repairs. I should just purchase a new bike altogether. If you know any place where I can get a good bike for about £100 then tweet or drop me a comment.

Or you can donate some cash? No? Worth a shot.

In other news, I returned to the King’s Road’s Bluebird Epecerie and it got me thinking, “why haven’t I visited this place more often?” There is a large bike park literally outside the café where you can keep an eye on it whilst working or having some tea. I highly recommended their hot chocolate but Le Pain Quotidien’s one is still the one to beat.

Unless another café has anything to say about it…..





Hair and helmets aren’t really great friends. You pop a helmet on, cycle, collect sweat, park your bike, take it off and viola: anime hair or hair looks like its been flattened by an encyclopaedia for several days. Kell Skott, hair stylist from Notting Hill’s Kell Skott’s Haircare, has provided some awesome tips to keep the helmet hair at bay.

However, if you want a simple solution…..


Like always, you can follow all my cycling shenanigans on Tumblr, beingbikeminded.


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Bikeminded is a 3 year cycling initiative that is raising awareness about the benefits of cycling and encourage more people to swap four wheels for two. Follow the hashtag, #bikeminded, to follow the campaign and other Bike Heroes.




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3 responses to “Being Bikeminded

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  2. (why haven’t I been back to the BB Cafe more often)…. because Nielson, the food is so near rubbish there it may as well be!
    Hari Om
    I hear the new cafe opposite next corner up is quite good though. Oh and no I don’t own it!

  3. Just wondering. Going to start cycling and wondered what you know about the Pashley Guv’nor? and is a single speed good for our neck o the woods, or would you go the three speed?
    Like your blog so will check back for an answer!
    Hari Om
    P.s any open rides coming up (50-100 miles)

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