Tweets of the Week: 22 – 28 Oct

The dark and freezing morning starts we’re all facing (unless you’re not living in the UK/ Northern Hemisphere) is the main topic in the Twit-o-sphere this week and Adolf Hitler.  No no no, it’s not his birthday, where people tweet their…feelings about it or anything like that but something a tad more controversial.


The news: 140 characters a day, 7 days a week 

Well I said it was controversial didn’t I? Mr and Mrs Campbell from the USA decided to name one of their children after the former Nazi leader. As a result, their children have been taken into care by order of the courts. According to the Mirror, the Campbells, who also have a daughter named Aryan Nation, raised their kids in a house with Swastikas surrounding it.

If you’re going to name your child, Adolf Hitler would be one the last thi – no, it shouldn’t  be considered as a name, sitting alongside Muammar Bin Vader Gaddafi Mugabe Fritzl the Conqueror. Those kids are going to have a rough time unless they get their names changed into something that doesn’t attract bullies on the school playground.


Tweeting during a television programme has become part of the TV experience over the recent years. The majority of those tweets have been ruthless mocking towards the X Factor and Made In Chelsea, especially towards the former. When ITV’s flagship show decided to have a “Rock Week”, they sort of forgot the rock aspect, mistaking Ke$ha as a rock legend.

Or am I just incredibly out of touch with the modern music world?


The totes lush neighbahood

Halloween on the good ol’ King’s Road. The image was taken outside Ad Hoc.


If you haven’t heard the news, Portobello Road gains a new farmers’ market this Sunday!


The man with the parrots making his usual appearances.


My insignificant problems

I unsubscribed 5 times already yet I continue to receive e-mails from them. Whoever has signed me to their mailing list, I would like to let you know:

1. Well done. You clearly know how to infuriate me.

2. Please stop.

3. I’m begging you.

4. Please.


Picture, picture

I don’t care if it’s fake because it’s brilliant. Like the Wacky Video Will at the end of Fry’s Duplicate’s funeral in the first Futurama movie.


I wish I wrote that letter. I really do.


and finally…

I wonder, what was that Dragon from Shrek drinking the night she decided to bed a donkey?!




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