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Hai again and I’m bringing you an autumn themed blog post this week, so bring out your lights, grab your gloves and for the love of God wrap up warm!

I haven’t been on my bike as much as I would like to this week but I was reminded of how different cycling is during the autumn period. The load I’ve been carrying has increased because of the amount of layers I have to put on in an attempt to keep the biting chill at bay, and despite wearing glasses, my eyes cannot stop watering because they feel like they’ve pinched by someone who hasn’t cut their fingernails in 5 months.

I think I may need some tips on how to wrap up warm and remain comfortable whilst on my bike (some tips and tricks needed if you’re reading, Bikeminded!)

Today [Sunday], I discovered a weird back route to get to High Street Kensington. My neighbour and fellow cyclist, kingsroadrocks, showed me a quiet route to bypass the sometimes unforgiving nature of RBKC’s roads. But in typical fashion, I got lost for the first time in more than a decade. Mews, dead ends, roads I thought didn’t exist – at some point, consulting my iPhone for directions would have been a sensible idea. But where’s the fun in that? Cycling gives you a perspective that you wouldn’t get when you’re in a car and I ended up cycling and visiting cafés that I’ve never seen before in the 14+ years I’ve been in and around High Street Ken.

Bypassed mob-like traffic, found new cafés, stayed warm – yup, a good week!





When the days are dark as the nights are long, bike lights are a must and required by law. Fortunately, Bikeminded has provided me with their own branded set of lights to cover that problem. Yet I somehow managed to miss this as part of their awesome autumn tips:

2. The safest combination of lights would be to use 2 front lights ( one flashing and one constant beam to light your way ) and 2 rear lights ( flashing and constant ). But as a minimum you need a front white light and a rear red light. You should also have a rear reflector.

But in typical Nielsen style:

Back of bike

Front of bike

Here’s a top tip: don’t mix up where you’re supposed to place your lights. You’ll look like a fool.


Like always, you can follow all my cycling shenanigans on Tumblr, beingbikeminded.


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Bikeminded is a 3 year cycling initiative that is raising awareness about the benefits of cycling and encourage more people to swap four wheels for two. Follow the hashtag, #bikeminded, to follow the campaign and other Bike Heroes.



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