Review: Made In Chelsea series 2 episode 7

Originally seen on – posted on 26 October. Written by Rachael Grace.

I’ve almost finished my collection of seen Made In Chelsea cast members during my walks in and around Chelsea and Fulham. See, this is what this show has turned me into: a discombobulated meerkat – British, not Russian – who drops his tea cup if he sees one of them walking down Fulham Road or the King’s Road. It’s a sad life.

Before I start mentioning comparison websites, the latest episode of Made Chelsea sees Millie and the mustard man, Hugo, in a climatic battle over some “information that’ll dramatically change everything”, taking a gap yah in Spain and HELLO HELLO, GABILICIOUS IS BACK. There’s something about the name, isn’t there?

Here’s an excerpt:



“Did you hear that? Why sing words?”

Read the rest on



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