Tweets of the Week: 29 Oct – 04 Nov

This week has been rather slow for me so tweets have been equally slow for me. It does look kinda rushed doesn’t it since I’ve mainly focused on things in and around the local area. Promise I’ll be more active next week.

Did I mention the rain yet? No. Well, rain. Bonfire Night. Christmas lights. Enjoy!


The news: 140 characters a day, 7 days a week 

Can RBKC please sort out that bit of ‘road’ in front of Sloane Square? When I head towards Royal Court, the thought of the road being there completely escapes me and one day I will get run over like the poor woman from the tweet.


The totes lush neighbahood

Great excuse indeed. Unfortunately, Bonfire Night and the switching-on of the Christmas lights is tomorrow with forecasted rain. OH WHAT WILL YOU DO?!


Whilst King’s Road and Fulham Road have Made In Chelsea on Mondays, Notting Hill Gate resorts to Sir David Attenborough’s waddling penguins. Penguins are cool.


Was a good game. Particularly for me….


My insignificant problems

…please don’t ask.


Picture, picture

For Halloween next year, I’m dressing up as a washing machine.


You know a washout of London is due….


and finally…





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