Tweets of the Week: 05 – 13 Nov

Thanks to Twitter’s recent changes, sourcing some of the tweets I need have been a bit of a pain. For you seasoned Twitter users, you know that there was a tab for your Mentions and Retweets with the latter offering the option to poke around the tweets the user has retweeted. Now you can see my problem.

That aside, let’s look on what the Twit-o-sphere has brought us this week.


The news: 140 characters a day, 7 days a week

A salute to our fallen heroes.


After years in the Italian spotlight, Silvio Berlusconi has finally handed in his resignation. Better late than never; this is a man who enjoyed ‘bunga bunga’ parties with women young enough to be his granddaughter, made a fool of himself in front of foreign leaders and sank Italy into the economic death hole they are in now.

And if you’re worried about what will happen to the ex-PM, don’t fret! He has a mere $7 million to fall back on.


So yesterday was the ‘nerd new year’, 11/11/11. Big whoop. I was more interested in Armistice Day and how I managed to somehow create a story about a frog from my friend’s ability to mispronounce words (don’t ask).


The totes lush neighbahood

I have mastered the art of blogging inside a King’s Road Starbucks: chillaxing in the World’s End one or procrastinating and people watching in the Shawfield Street one.


If you’re in Holborn, High Street Kensington or King’s Road Chelsea, visit My Old Dutch. Giant pancakes. I’ll say no more.




Nothing beats a wander in the Hill on a Sunday morning.


I love this cinema and the fact they have something free to offer to students makes me love them even more. Who wants to tag along?


My insignificant problems

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 6 years old and I’ve never been called four eyes. I had a good run; how many years was that? A good 13 years?


Speaking of four eyes, my poor glasses somehow managed to break. No, I didn’t drop them or anything like that. I simply touched them while it was sitting on my face then it just….fell apart. Guess I need to find some super glue.


Picture, picture



and finally…

Doesn’t beat the subtitles on BBC Breakfast though. Instead of ‘wellies’, the subtitling instead gave us ‘willies’.




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