Review: Made In Chelsea series 2 episode 9

Originally seen on – posted on 16 November. Written by Rachael Grace.

If you’re at the top of the Gherkin or managed to get on board the London Eye at around 10pm this evening, look out for a mushroom cloud lingering around Chelsea and Fulham as things explode with our favourite group of West Londoners in the series 2 finale of Made In Chelsea.

But if you’re wondering who planted the bomb and lit the fuse, take a peek at last week’s glorious review.

Warning: it’ll send you spiralling in excitement like a vulture circling Lamont Road, hunting for Cagg – er, a carcass….

Here’s an excerpt:



If we weren’t already feeling a little queasy, figuratively speaking, from the run around Caggie has given poor Spencer this summer, then we were borderline nauseous this week as Spencer quite literally drove us around and around… and around the same SW10 block.

Read the rest on



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