Tweets of the Week: 21 – 27 Nov


After a week long hiatus, Tweets of the Week is back. Unfortunately, Twitter pulled a Facebook-styled unannounced changed and altered the Tabs, meaning I can’t access My Tweets I’ve Retweeted section. This forced me to dive into my timeline and ‘physically’ pick out tweets. I’m sure I missed a few….I’ll do this feature better next week, I promise.

The news: 140 characters a day, 7 days a week 

Gary Speed: great player, great role model; no frills, drama and tabloid shenanigans. You’ve done Wales proud.

Fenton (or incorrectly named by the public as Benton) the dog has caused a storm on the interwebz this week. How? He was filmed chasing deer at Richmond Park whilst his bumbling middle class owner tried to chase after him.


The totes lush neighbahood

Beautiful, right?


Not the best place to be stood up if that man arranged a date, eh?


OH REALI?!11?!1


My insignificant problems

My uni is Harrow and I need to travel from South London to North London. I’ve noticed that the further I go up north, the more depressing the scenery becomes….like I’m going back in time.


Picture, picture

CAUTION: only read if you’re brave. If not, then good luck. Otherwise – in the words of Charlie Brooker – you’ll begin to “cry IQ points”.__

and finally…

Whoever thought of this ad is a genius.




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