Fulham park reopens after refurbishment

William Parnell Park has reopened to the public after improvements were carried out to create a safer and and secure play area for children.

Nearby Hurlingham Park, SW6. Image from Wikipedia

spaces. We are delighted to have worked with Groundwork London on William Parnell Park and are sure that users of the park will be delighted with the new facilities.”

The park – known locally as Pineapple Park – now boasts a tiger climbing frame with cargo net, a large slide, stepping stones on one of its hills, a sand pit and board walk to ensure an exciting and fun area for children. Students and young people from Langford Primary School, Sands End Adventure Project and Bridge Academy helped to design the features of the park along with the local authorities and residents.

Cabinet member for residents’ services, Councillor Greg Smith, said: “Despite being one of the smallest borough’s in the country, Hammersmith & Fulham is home to over 50 parks and open


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