Review: Made In Chelsea series 3 episode 1

Originally seen on – posted on 5 April. Written by Rachael Grace.

They’re back! Our favourite posh socialites from West London are kicking off a ‘pardy’ once again to bring you drama, pointless ventures and the silly game of will they, won’t they? from Caggie and Spencer. Bless.

We start from the skies in some place that isn’t Chelsea and, unsurprisingly, everything nosedived from there. Union Jack cars, Sunday church services (what?!) and a boob party (double what?!) – not even those managed to get the ball rolling. Or egg rolling:

Don’t fret, though.  Rachael is also back to give you the lowdown on the rest of the series.

And oh, watch out for me next week as I live tweet on too. I will not be merciful.

Here’s an excerpt:

Jamie left church singing “God is greaaat” much to Proudlocks amusement. “It makes you feel good and fresh” the words reeling off his tongue, particularly as new comer Kimberley totted out of church wearing a fur and heels combo. In Chelsea, church just got sexy.


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