Easter Films at Gate Cinema, Notting Hill

So it’s finally Easter and I’m guessing many of you are procrastinating to escape from exams and assessments, ‘revising’, finished uni like I have or well, procrastinating some more. Nevertheless, it is still a good idea to take a breather from academic or work life and refresh your head.

For me, trips to the cinema is an obvious move. A good ol’ Hollywood blockbuster or mainstream British film can do the job in getting our movie fixes. However, sometimes we need to step back from the bombast and dive into the world of independent films. Gate Cinema is just one of many independent cinemas in London.  Its facade and interior feels as if you stepped back in time to watch a play, offering a refreshing feel to those used to the modern venues (and wallet busting prices) such as Vue and Odeon.

As for the films they’re showing this Easter, they’ve got a variety of genres that’ll attract film goers of all ages:


A Cat In Paris

The French animated  A Cat In Paris follows Dino, a mischievous  cat who leaves his house and owner, Zoé, during the night to help and carry out daring burglaries with a burglar named Nico.  Of course, Zoé begins to notice Dino’s nightly exploits and soon tails her beloved pet to unveil a shocking discovery.

Book here | IMdB


Damsels In Distress

Don’t be fooled by the title. This comedy stars three woman hoping to help students at a local college who are on the brink of suicide and swimming in depression through dance and healthy living. Of course, not everything goes as planned as romances spring that threatens their friendship. As an added bonus, director Whit Stillman will be at Gate Cinema for a Q&A session so it’ll be definitely worth booking for!

Book here | IMdB


This Must the Place

We turn things up to 11 with drama This Must Be the Place,  tells the story of a down-and-out rock star forced to hunt down a Nazi after an unexpected turn of events. Rock ‘n’ roll trainspotters will notice the references embedded in the film and even co-stars Bono’s (U2) daughter, Eve Hewson.

Book here | IMdB






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