Documentary Season at Gate Cinema, Notting Hill

In case you didn’t hear, Gate Cinema hit the ripe age of 101 last week so happy birthday to them. Here’s hoping for another successful 101 years!

Greetings aside, April has been quite a busy – and wet – month with the Easter holidays arriving early. So what does May have in store for Gate Cinema? Probing questions, sneak-peaks behind the scenes, peering into history and, of course, an depth look at the lives of extraordinary people – yup, Gate Cinema will be screening a fantastic variety of documentaries to unravel the mysteries and worlds of, well, see for yourself!

Revenge of the Electric Car

A quick look at the title and you might mistake it for a parody of the Transformers movies (terrible franchise by the way). Thankfully it’s not. This documentary takes a look at the companies that killed off their brand of electric cars. But now, in 2012, their cars have come back fighting. Here we look at their latest line of electric cars to take to the roads, ready to race into the hearts of motorists after years of stuttering starts in the industry.

Director Chris Paine says: “Tesla CEO Elon Musk puts his personal fortune on the line. Bob Lutz, GM’s Vice Chair, stakes the entire brand on the very technology it once tried to kill. Nissan’s CEO, Carlos Ghosn, bets the farm on a car almost no one believes can happen. And my neighbor, Greg ‘Gadget’ Abbott, like thousands of other car converters around the world, sets out to prove you can do it yourself. The challenges they face are as tough as capitalism can be cagey.

“But the prize if they succeed is really for all of us: the reinvention of the car without gasoline, and potentially without fossil fuel at all.”

Book here | IMdB


Town of Runners + Q&A with director Jerry Rothwell at Gate Cinema

With the London Marathon already across the finishing line and London 2012 warming up for the next race, Town of Runners is the perfect documentary to keep your running fix topped up. Director Jerry Rothwell heads to Ethiopia, where some of the world’s best runners are bred and born despite the poverty the usually dominate the headlines.

For three years, cameras follow the lives of aspiring runners all hoping to get a chance to get on the world stage and achieve the same success as their heroes.

Book here | IMdB


Being Elmo

‘Elmo would like to know, who plays Elmo?!’ It’s a question that has been circling in my head since I was a little kid.

Oh hello, documentary that answers that very question!This docu is a great follow up for those who were tickled and chortled at the latest Muppets movie shown at Gate Cinema. Being Elmo follows Kevin Clash, otherwise known as the man behind Sesame Street’s favourite red muppet, Elmo. Ever since he was a teenager, Clash aspired to be a puppeteer and his dreams finally came true after joining Jim Henson’s and his legendary team.

This heart warming story won the Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011.

Book here | IMdB

For a full list of films, visit the Gate Cinema website.


All films supported by Dogwoof:

Dogwoof is the UK’s leading independent documentary film distributor, responsible for the highly successful distribution of films such as THE AGE OF STUPID, THE END OF THE LINE, BURMA VJ, RESTREPO, and most recently DREAMS OF A LIFE. Dogwoof is a great supporter of independent, innovative filmmaking that challenges audiences and brings important stories into the public eye. For further information, visit






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