Review: Made In Chelsea series 3 episode 3

Originally seen on – posted on 19 April. Written by Rachael Grace.

To put simply, this week’s Made In Chelsea episode was all about the two horse race between sneaky Spencer and loveable pardy boy Jamie and the winner of this race wins the heart of Louise. Having lost Ms Caggie Dunlop more times than Proudlock’s visits to church, Spencer is not having another loss to his name and resorts to trickery that would make minxy Millie proud.

At least they’ve stopped worshipping church gal Kimberly. She was all over the boys last week, wasn’t she?

Nothing but sympathy for that poor canine in Cheska’s hands as its owner bickered – albeit awkwardly in typical Chelsea style – with Gabriella over some blonde fella (no idea about the name. Wasn’t paying attention). Drama is never too far away when you stick the pair in a room.

Speaking of Gabs, whilst she was having her dinner with the blonde, I can’t help but notice one thing:

You sly man.

Anywho, enough from me, handing over the Chelsea thrills and charms to Rachael.

Here’s an excerpt:

As they say in the Royal Borough, “Quam Bonum in Unum Habitare” – how good is it to dwell in unity, or not in this case. Made in Chelsea is becoming as predictable as Britney’s come-back hits. With more stops and starts than the Circle Line on Sundays, the boys and girls of Chelsea pouted their way through yet another mediocre episode this week.

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