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Films and Food In Wonderland | BeingBikeminded

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It has been an exciting month in terms of cycling this past month. If you caught the Tour de France, then you would have heard that Bradley Wiggins has become the first Briton to win the world’s most challenging road race.  And the icing on the case was  that fellow Briton Chris Froome took second place. Congrats to both of them and here’s hoping their success becomes the catalyst to make the UK a truly great cycling nation.

Closer to home,  I’m now the social media guru for Sustrans, the UK charity responsible for creating the  National Cycle Network and encouraging people to get on their bikes or walking shoes.  Great place to work because the office isn’t about suits, ties and paperwork. More like bikes, e-mails, calls and more bikes. There’s a collection of Brompton folding bikes near the entrance which are used whenever an employee needs to get to meetings in other parts of the city. Cool, huh? If you’re on Twitter, follow both @Sustrans & @GetActiveTravel.

Ahem,  the Olympics: am I allowed to type this out without fear of a squadron storming into my office or desk, accessing my files and delete anything I have that has something to do with the Games such as this?



Bikeminded Cycle Shorts Competition

Last Monday, Bikeminded treated us to a screening of Cycle Shorts, a collection of 1m 30 sec videos with the theme of encouraging people to cycle submitted by members of the public.

The director of the acclaimed 2010 film The Special Relationship judged the entries and deemed Cycle of Life the worthy film for its narrative.

Personally I found Made For 2 and Learning To Cycle excellent due to the former’s comedy and getting hold of SW6’s legendary blue parrot man and the latter’s heartwarming story. Nevertheless, congratulations to all entrants, directors, producers and other team members for their hard work. Believe me, it takes ages to make a film, even a one and half minute clip!

By the way, if anyone at the screening wondered what happened to the meatballs and chicken at the buffet, I apologise for me and my friend’s food raid. Haven’t eaten anything since noon at the time!

For the Cycle Shorts shortlist, click here.


This tour is probably a perfect example of the phrase never judge a book by its cover. I had an eyebrow raised when I first saw this crop up on the website. But when I arrived at the meeting point (several minutes late. Apologies) at Cremorne Gardens, I felt the need to slap my forehead.

Alice In Wonderland was an interactive play on two wheels, effortlessly incorporating the Royal Borough’s back streets and parks with wonderful acting…..and cake. From Cremorne Gardens – located at the corner of the borough, we cycled to the ever popular Brompton Cemetery, Cromwell Road, High Street Kensington before finishing up at Holland Park.https://twitter.com/_Nielsen/status/225701633840005120It was also nice to catch a few familiar faces as well as new ones. Good to see bike mechanics and marshals Phil and Peter – the latter donning a strange hat. Pretty sure I saw Fiona Wood aka Kensington Doll but a bit uncertain if it was her so apologies if I didn’t say hi!

Finally, thanks for the bike lights. Actually needed them since my current set died!


Bikeminded is a 3 year cycling initiative that is raising awareness about the benefits of cycling and encourage more people to swap four wheels for two. Follow the hashtag, #bikeminded, to follow the campaign.



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