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Locals Lynsey and Laura learn to cycle for charity

If the London to Oxford bike ride is enough to make me, a regular cyclist, squirm, I can’t imagine what the feeling must be like of taking on that route when you’ve just learned how to hop on two wheels. A few of my friends who can’t cycle (the urge to namedrop is strong) will probably laugh at any suggestion to even attempt a 1 mile ride in the safety of Kensington Gardens.

You have to be crazy or brave to even think it. Or both.










Or you can be Lynsey and Laura, two newbie cyclists in their twenties who have “decided it was about time we got our act together” and learn how to cycle (It’s never too late to learn!) in order to with tackle a 260 mile cycle ride across Romania all in the name of charity. They are hoping to raise money for the kids who are chronically ill in Romania, where they have to endure a poor quality of life and treatment.

In preparation for their ambitious trek, they’ll be doing other rides in the UK such as SkyRide London, London to Cambridge, London to Oxford and New Forest.

And you all thought I was the mad cyclist in London. Tch!

Catch their updates on their fab looking website.


Novice cyclist or lacking confidence when on the road? Kensington and Chelsea offer free cycle training whilst Hammersmith & Fulham ask a measly £5 to boost your cycling abilities. 

Get cycling tips and tricks with some added chic with Bikeminded.


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