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Coldplay at the Emirates

Nielsen, I’m going to kill you!” was the first sentence uttered as me and my friend, Christine, stared for the first time at Arsenal FC’s Emirates Stadium. I don’t blame her. Around the stadium, roughly 300 people were queuing out of a possible 60,000+ people at 12pm. The initial plan was the queue at that 10am. If we did follow that initial plan, Christine would have queued up with the tumbleweed and my mangled corpse.

But if anything were to die on concert day (Friday 1 June) it would be my feet and larynx from all the jumping, (bad) singing and the sheer excitement of being inches from the front. Quite few acts have the songs to construct a stadium gig and keep up with its demands. Clocks, Yellow, In My Place, Charlie Brown, Paradise, Viva La Vida, The Scientist, Violet Hill, Fix You – when you’ve got songs like these, you’ve guaranteed yourself a roaring response. The new songs, too, managed to blend naturally with Coldplay’s warhorses. Unsurprising as Mylo Xyloto sounds like a more layered and polished version of 2008’s Viva La Vida and Death and All His Friends.

And then there’s the four men. Will Champion, Guy Berryman, Johnny Buckland and Chris Martin – all four friends solid and energetic as their frontman. Martin engaged, jumped, crooned, swore, sweated (a lot), danced, pranced and skipped like a child let loose in a toy store and we, the crowd, ate it up.

It would be foolish for any Coldplay fan who hasn’t caught them on the road to miss out on their live performances!



Oh and of course I took snaps of the concert. You think I only took the two on this blog post? I took around 100+ snaps but like most shots taken by  amateur photographers, most of them were a blur and just a fraction was suitable for publishing. Yeah, need to upgrade my 5MP Kodak cam/ iPhone 4.

Peruse, like it, reblog it, tweet or just kindly nod and imagine you were there or something. Enjoy them!



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