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Purple Dragon: The mum’s club

Originally seen on kingsroad.co.uk – posted on 27 October. Written by Laura Vogel.

So you’ve been for a run around with the kids in Holland Park. What next? Well, why not take them to the Purple Dragon, an exquisite place for the kids to play, explore and of course, leave you parents and carers in peace.

Well not totally in peace. Look after your kids despite the temptation not to. Otherwise you’re a bad parent/ carer but I’m 99.9% sure that you are all top notch people.

Here’s an excerpt:




This really is the life, there is nothing like Purple Dragon in London for families. It’ smart, clean, imaginative, easy, fun, vibrant and a dream of a destination for mums and kids. Even with its celebrity clientele, the Purple Dragon is still a bunch of parents fraternising and bonding over their kids.

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