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Searching for Sugar Man at Gate Cinema, Notting Hill

A quick glance at the title and you could mistake it for a documentary on Lord Sugar’s softer side. That or something creepy which I will not delve into. But anyway, Searching For Sugar Man –  which made its debut at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival – is quite the tale, which follows a man only known by the vague name of Rodriguez. He was a global rock star that never was – shunned in his native US before apparently shooting himself onstage because of his commercial failure.

On the other side of the Atlantic in South Africa, the apartheid was in full throttle and the state was censoring whatever they could find that could disrupt their control. But, like a miracle, Rodriguez’s Cold Fact album managed to slip into the airwaves and blossomed into the soundtrack that inspired the people of South Africa into an equal era of peace and democracy. As a result, some of his fans began to trace the man that helped liberate their country and find out if his ending was truly tragic.

I’m not normally a documentary-film kind of guy but this film will definitely encourage me to see more of its kind. Helped with the fact that the music by Rodriguez is excellent. Who wouldn’t groove along to I Wonder?

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Note: I am not associated with Gate Cinema in any way or form. Just your average cinema-goer who loves his favourite and local cinema.

Gate Cinema
87 Notting Hill
W11 3JZ

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