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Graduate insights: How to save money as a student

Hello! I’m Chris, recent Leeds uni graduate and current SEO. After reading Nielsen’s blog and noticing the “posts from other students who want to have a crack at blogging” clause in his sidebar, I thought I’d get in touch and offer a post. He nobly obliged.

So here I am, offering my insights into simple actions students (and indeed anyone) can take to:

a) Save money
b) Eat healthily
c) Get fit

Tip one: Buy a bike

The initial expense of a bike may seem counterproductive to point a), but if you add up the cost of the bike and the basic equipment and divide it out over a year, it almost certainly works out cheaper than alternative travel:

£500 (bike) + £30 (helmet) + £20 (lights) + £10 (high-vis) + £30 (lock) = £590, or £11.35 a week

Often you can break the repayments up over a year (or longer) as well, and depending where you buy from you can get 0% interest so you’re not getting stung on the repayments. Not only that, but cycling is fun, social (if you participate in cycling groups or events like Critical Mass), and great exercise (point c)).

Tip two: Spend thrifty

Fairly self-explanatory on the surface: spending less equates to saving more. Knowing where you can save money is the skill, though. As a student I spent a lot of money on microwaves, kettles, toasters and whatever else when I moved from halls in first year to houses thereafter (stingy landlords, you see). In retrospect I could have saved a lot of money by shopping at stores who have special student deals.

You can also save money by pausing before each purchase and asking yourself ‘do I really need this?’ – another relatively simple but surprisingly effective technique to achieve point a).

Tip three: Eat soup

Soup is great. Get pretty much any combination of vegetables, perhaps some lentils, a sprinkling of assorted herbs and spices, blend it up, and you’ve got soup. You can either follow recipes (my favourite) or experiment and come up with your own. Depending what you include, you’ll be on your way to point b) if you make your own soups, and also well on your way to point a) – 8 portions worth of the soup I gave the recipe for previously cost me just over £3 – that’s a week and a half’s worth of lunch for around 38p a day.

Souper (if you’ll pardon the pun).



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Month In Review #6

I just had a quick glance at my clock again and I thought it was 8:15PM. Then I remembered that one night where I lost an hour of much needed sleep and staggered half asleep to Notting Hill…before deciding to recoup that missing hour. Still, it could be worse. You could be singing this song every single Friday and having difficulty which seat to take in a car driven by 13 year olds.

#1 I weep for the Oxford English Dictionary

See what I did there?


#2 Pancake Day, Pie Week, Earth Hour, World Water Day – we’re just an inch closer to Piss On A Donkey Day

I prefer Chocolate Day

March: the month where your diet self-destruct and your abs turn into flab. It’s like being back at Christmas. Or your birthday.


#3 I despise Student Finance

This is what I look like when I'm on Direct Gov.

I mess up one teeny-weeny little tidbit on my online application form and I have to fill out an 18 page form just to clear up the problem. What a waste of ink and paper.


#4 Gorillas: Sending seasoned drummers to retirement

Phil Collins announced his retirement this month because he wanted to focus on his family. I for one think a certain mammal ousted him from the spotlight.


#5 New Pokemon game. Just one thing: what. On. Earth. Is. That?



#6 Leona Lewis voted as most influential woman of past century. Also, Josef Fritzl voted inspirational dad

According to Lewis, she has love related haemophilia

Metro readers have voted Leona Lewis as the most influential woman in London. Right. In the other categories, Paris Hitlon wins the Nobel Prize for nothing, a squirrel receives Nuts magazine’s highest honour and Ashley Cole is awarded the Minor Shot Award from the National Rifle Association.


Tweets of the Month


2.  The UK’s Census forms have been Rick-rolled.

3. Human stupidity and ignorance at its best.

4. Darth Vader wishes for a Kings of Leon collaboration to take over the chart…galaxy.

5. My advise? Don’t go to a gay club if you have this tattooed on your arm.


‘Til next time,

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